A Good Type: Tourism in Early Japanese Photographs

During Corona lockdown, photographers are looking for alternatives to visit exhibitions and learn about photography.

For Japanese photography lovers, I found this online exhibition of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Massachusetts.

While photographs may forever capture a moment in time, the meaning that the viewer takes from the image is not static.

Originally meant to document the Japanese culture and traditions, used for scientific and antropological research, these pictures are also a beautiful piece of 'photographic art'.

Unknow photographers

As Japan opened up the borders for foreigners, Japanese photographers took pictures of 'traditional' Japanese moments, people, rituals in order to be sold to the tourists.

That's why you can see the pictures of Samurai, cherry blossom and geishas. Many pictures have been hand-colored, resulting in beautiful images of a mystic culture.

You can visit the online exhibition by clicking the link below:

A Good Type: Tourism and science in early Japanese photographs

Let me know what you think of this exhibition ;-)

All the best


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